Final Word from Monday, March 27, 2023

Room on the right for a new fiscally responsible political party has suddenly diminished. STAN, the party of mayors and German interests, wants to cut the budget deficit next year by up to Kč 179bn by reducing government spending, raising taxes and eliminating tax breaks. MP Jan Skopeček of ODS stated bluntly yesterday on CNN Prima News that his party welcomes spending cuts but will not vote for a tax hike. It's the timing of STAN's proposal that's the most important. What are ex-Finance Min. Miroslav Kalousek and presidential candidate Danuše Nerudová supposed to run on now if STAN successfully transforms itself from the pro-German party into the fiscally responsible one? Unless of course Nerudová decides to take her services and money to STAN. Kalousek could be the big loser in all this, while his arch rival Andrej Babiš might get the last laugh. STAN wants to raise the top VAT rate from 21% to 23%, which is like putting a "Vote ANO" sign on the STAN campaign tent. [ Czech Republic Germany ]

Glossary of difficult words

fiscal - relating to government revenue, esp. taxes;

to diminish - to make or become less;

to run on something - to use as the main subject of one's election campaign;

arch - chief; principal.

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