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There's the old joke about how the Czech Republic declared war on China and how the Chinese responded by reminding the CR, with its 10 million people, that there are 1.4 billion Chinese. The Czechs wrote back, "Good God, where will we bury you all?" Czech Pres. Petr Pavel assured his fellow citizens yesterday that a draft isn't planned, even though the army will conduct a conscription exercise in mid-May. Pavel said that it's not written anywhere that a military conflict is imminent but that we must be prepared for the possibility. But how can Czechs prepare for war if they don't even know which war they might be fighting? Pavel's supporters were ready during the presidential campaign to send troops to Poland or perhaps even Russia if Poland were attacked, and House Speaker Markéta Peka­rová Adamová essentially promised the Taiwanese to come to their aid if the Chinese made a move against them. The enemy from within Czech society is also growing in size. Maybe doctors are being invited to the conscription exercise in May as a way to get an idea of what could be done with all the bodies of the defeated enemies. [ Czech Republic Taiwan TOP 09 Ukraine 10m 1.4bn ]

Glossary of difficult words

draft - compulsory recruitment for military service;

conscription - compulsory enlistment for state service, typically into the armed forces;

imminent - about to happen;

to make a move against - to take action against.

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