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The resignation of Vladimír Balaš as education minister and nomination of EU Affairs Min. Mikuláš Bek to succeed him opens the door wider for Industry Min. Jozef Síkela (all STAN) to succeed Věra Jourová (ANO) next year as the CR's EU commissioner. The argument in favor of Síkela is that he stuck it to the Russians by brilliantly handling the energy crisis and should be rewarded for this with the EU's energy portfolio. The argument against his getting the energy position, though, is that Jourová has done a great job of pitting CE countries against each other and that Síkela would be an ideal choice for continuing in this highly important task. If things go well for Robert Fico in this fall's parliamentary elections in Slovakia and if that EU outcast manages to put together a government, Síkela could be called upon by Brussels to bring him into line. Síkela is well known for his coziness with Slovak politicians during his time with Erste. He was even Slovak Banker of the Year when Fico was the PM. And as Karel Schwarzenberg famously said about Miroslav Kalousek, the biggest poacher makes the best gamekeeper. [ Czech Republic Slovenská spořitelna Slovenská sporiteľňa Central and Eastern Europe Visegrad CEE Central Europe European Union TOP 09 poaching game warden ]

Glossary of difficult words

to stick it to someone - to harshly criticize, punish or retaliate against someone;

to pit someone against someone else - : to cause someone to fight or compete against someone else;

outcast - a person who has been rejected or ostracized by his or her society or social group;

coziness - close relationship;

poacher - a person who hunts or catches game or fish illegally;

gamekeeper - a person employed to breed and protect game, typically for a large estate.

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