Final Word from Monday, June 12, 2023

TV Nova's Střepiny public-affairs program marked the one-year anniversary last night of the Dosimeter criminal case involving politicians of the STAN mayors' group and suspected corruption at DP Praha transit company. Nova noted that STAN "definitively lost" one of the main figures in the scandal, ex-Dep. Prague Mayor Petr Hlubuček, who was ejected from the party after being charged with corruption and participation in an organized criminal group. Nova failed to mention another major figure whom STAN definitively lost. STAN Vice Chair Věslav Michalik was considered the party's most important person, but he died one year ago today, just before the police launched the Dosimeter raids. By training, Michalik was a nuclear physicist, which led some people familiar with his background to assume that he was the main target of the Dosimeter probe. A dosimeter, after all, measures doses of ionizing radiation of the kind a nuclear physicist might be exposed to. The big question is whether Michalik's potential role in Dosimeter is being kept quiet out of respect for the dead or is being saved for a future election campaign. [ Czech Republic transportation DPP Dozimetr ]

Glossary of difficult words

Střepiny - slivers, splinters; 

raid - a surprise visit by police to arrest suspects or seize illicit goods.


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