Final Word from Monday, June 19, 2023

ANO Chair Andrej Babiš wrote in MFD on Sat.: "Western Europe is being devoured from within by uncontrolled mass migration. Just look at the gangs that are terrorizing countries from Sweden to Italy. This can also unfortunately be the fate of the Czech Republic in a few years' time." Babiš used his own media to make this "extremist" statement and thereby snubbed his nose at two of his biggest current rivals. The Pirates are trying to force Babiš to choose between owning media and being in Parliament, and the ALDE political group in the EU Parliament is investigating whether he's violating liberal values by changing his rhetoric over the past six months and speaking at a conference of "ultra-conservative and far-right politicians" in Budapest. Babiš's rivals are fighting yesterday's battles. He apparently knows that time is now on his side and that forcing him out of Parliament, or ANO out of ALDE, will merely increase his party's appeal for disillusioned voters in the next elections. [ Czech Republic caucus club Mafra subventions investment incentives ]

Glossary of difficult words

to devour - to eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly; (of fire or a similar force) to destroy completely;

to snub one's nose at - to deliberately insult, ignore or refuse to acknowledge someone,


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