Final Word from Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Foreign Min. Jan Lipavský said at a security conference at Prague Castle yesterday that the security environment in Europe has fundamentally worsened and that we are on the threshold of a global confrontation, although we don't know what form this confrontation will take. In its new security strategy, he said, the cabinet intends to state that the CR is not safe and that Czechs must be prepared for the security situation to worsen. Defense Min. Jana Černochová said that a new defense strategy derived from the security strategy will emphasize the need for all of society to be involved in defense, and not just the army, the active reserves and the pre-conscription volunteers. Army Chief of Staff Karel Řehka said that society must be informed of the true threats so that people are ready for a possible conflict and do not get into a panic when a mobilization or the possibility of war is mentioned. Everything seems to be falling into place for allowing the Fiala government to declare a state of emergency similar to the covid-19 emergency under the Babiš government. Remember how civil liberties were restricted then? [ Czech Republic Our Security cannot be taken for Granted minister Pirates ODS pre-draft self-drafting ]

Glossary of difficult words

to derive from - to arise from or originate in (a specified source);

to fall into place - to become well organized in a way that makes progress or success likely.


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