Final Word from Thursday, June 22, 2023

Defense Min. Jana Černochová of ODS said a year ago that her ministry was looking for expenses at other ministries that could be counted toward the 2% Nato commitment. Amb. to Nato Jakub Landovský said at the time that it's Nato's leadership that decides what can and can't be counted as defense spending but that the sphere of possible expensable items is broad. Černochová and Army Chief of Staff Karel Řehka are now talking about a whole-of-society approach to defense, and Řehka told LN that this means getting all ministries involved. The cabinet's new security strategy will reportedly call for preparing citizens in every way possible for becoming part of an armed conflict. One way to do this might be to militarize society and to count large parts of the budgets next year at the education, science, transportation, industry and interior ministries toward defense expenditures. If this is what PM Petr Fiala and ODS are working toward, they're not being entirely honest about it so far. [ Czech Republic militarizing Lidové noviny GDP ]

Glossary of difficult words

expensable - eligible to be claimed as a business expense;

expenditure - an amount of money spent.


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