Final Word from Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Constitutional lawyer Jan Kysela told HN that he has the feeling that the media have understood his role at the Castle to be somewhat more than it is and that he is merely an external adviser to Pres. Petr Pavel on Constitutional Court nominees. Why might the media have misinterpreted his role? Because he was one of the hosts of a podcast on Czech Radio that was apparently developed mainly as a way to prevent Andrej Babiš from becoming president? Because Kysela was "disgusted" by Babiš's second-round campaign? Because Pavel said immediately upon being elected that he had met with Kysela during the campaign and was prepared to continue to listen to his advice? Because Kysela said in March that if CNB Gov. Aleš Michl lost his security clearance and refused to resign, he could perhaps be removed by force, which could allow Pavel to appoint a replacement? If anything, the Czech media haven't emphasized enough how much Kysela has done for the new occupant of the Castle. [ Czech Republic governor Czech National Bank president Čekání na prezidenta ]

Glossary of difficult words

occupant - the holder of a position or office.


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