Final Word from Wednesday, August 23, 2023

MEP Jan Zahradil of ODS must be envious that today's hastily called protest by Million Moments for Democracy is all about Justice Min. Pavel Blažek of ODS and not about him. All Blažek did was get a little tipsy in a Prague restaurant with former Castle demon Martin Nejedlý, who no longer holds any important official or unofficial position. Zahradil, in contrast, is an influential ODS figure who called for breaking the taboo about a coalition with ANO. The bigger immediate risk to democracy, as defined by Million Moments, is clearly Zahradil. Yet he shouldn't feel overlooked, because today's protest will likely do more to serve his cause than Million Moment's. Zahradil no more wants a coalition with ANO than Markéta Pekarová Adamová or Ivan Bartoš do. What Zahradil wants is an ODS that is independent, strong and conservative - the opposite of what it is now - so it can win the next elections and decide who its junior partner will be. Today's protest is a step in that direction. [ Czech Republic Spolu Together TOP 09 Pirates ]

Glossary of difficult words

hastily - hurriedly; with excessive speed or urgency;

tipsy - slightly drunk;

to overlook - to fail to notice or appreciate.


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