Final Word from Wednesday, August 30, 2023

CEO Didier Stoessel of PPF's CME media unit told FAZ last week that PPF is crystal clear in terms of not combining its media investments with political intentions. "We guarantee the absolute independence of the newsroom," he said. He didn't specifically say that PPF wouldn't use its media to promote its own business interests, which seemed to be the case recently when TV Nova repeatedly opposed cash-only payments at bars and restaurants. However, last night's long report about how expensive the F-35 fighters are strayed directly into politics and coincided with a political announcement by ANO Chair Andrej Babiš against buying F-35s. If U.S. Amb. Bijan Sabet called Stoessel, PPF CEO Jiří Šmejc or PPF owner Renáta Kellnerová on the carpet and asked whether they're conspiring with Babiš against the Fiala government and the F-35, they could nevertheless respond convincingly that their interests aren't political or geopolitical and merely reflect the attitude of the Czech public. [ Czech Republic Central European Media Enterprises ProSiebenSat.1 Germany CIO ]

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to stray into - to wander into some place, esp. when one is not supposed to be there.


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