Final Word from Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Pirates voted as expected in the past few days to call on their lawmakers and ministers to push for the removal of Justice Min. Pavel Blažek of ODS, but nothing is expected to come of this if Blažek starts behaving himself. More potentially inflammatory is something MP Jakub Michálek of the Pirates told Czech TV on Thur.: That STAN used the black funds that it stole from DP Praha transit company to finance the illegal campaign in the 2021 parliamentary elections for circling out the Pirates. The result was that the Pirates got four seats in Parliament, to 33 for STAN. Michálek spoke of the "mafiosi" who were filling the positions at DPP, including Jiří Fremr of TOP 09 and Petr Hlubuček of STAN. This comment came just a few days before MFD reported that billionaire businessman Jan Dobrovský, who has been linked to Hlubuček, is calling the shots at the Castle together with lobbyist Petr Kolář. The last thing Pres. Petr Pavel needs is to be tied in any way to the "mafiosi" of STAN. [ Czech Republic transportation dozimetr Television ]

Glossary of difficult words

Dosimeter - the police code name for a criminal investigation involving STAN and DP Praha transit company;

inflammatory - liable to arouse strong emotions, esp. anger;

to call the shots - to be the person who controls or organizes a situation.

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