Final Word from Thursday, October 12, 2023

Interior Min. Vít Rakušan has said repeatedly recently that the Fiala government overestimated the language capabilities of Ukrainian children and that there have been big communications barriers in schools because of this. "We relied too much on the similarity of the two languages," he said. This makes Rakušan look like the one who is illiterate. All he had to do was ask assistants in Czech schools who were already helping Ukrainian children before the war even began. Some of the children are of course brilliant or hard-working and overcome the difficulties, but readily available PISA results (CZ, UA) indicate clearly that the mixing of Czech and Ukrainian pupils is going to bring down the Czechs even without a language barrier. Unless this is what the Fiala cabinet wants, it is still not too late to enlist Ukrainian teachers living in the CR to create separate schooling in Ukrainian for Ukrainian children. Unless this is done, the quality of Czech education will continue to deteriorate for everyone. [ Czech Republic classes STAN Petr skills segragation ]

Glossary of difficult words

illiterate - unable to read or write; ignorant in a particular subject or activity;

to bring down - to reduce the level of;

pupil - a person who is taught by another, esp. a schoolchild or student in relation to a teacher;

to enlist - to engage (a person or his or her help or support);

to deteriorate - to become progressively worse.


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