Final Word from Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Václav Moravec said near the end of his OVM debate show on Sun. that, "Pavel Simon will most likely not get confirmation in the Senate" when a vote is taken this week. Martin Řezníček, Moravec's colleague at Czech TV, took the same approach in an interview with constitutional lawyer Jan Kysela last Wed. by saying, "After Mr. Fremr, it looks like Mr. Simon won't pass either." Kysela, an adviser to Pres. Petr Pavel, had to admonish Řezníček that Robert Fremr withdrew his nomination and that Řezníček's statement was therefore false. Moravec and Řezníček have written Simon off as a candidate to the Constitutional Court on the basis of votes in two Senate committees that went 5-3 and 4-1 against Simon. Yet the two committees have 18 members (10 and 8), which means that only half (9) actively voted against Simon. That is hardly a convincing defeat. Senators have every right to confirm or not to confirm Simon for whatever reason they deem relevant, but the public media shouldn't try to influence the final vote by joining the wider hatchet job against him. A distinguished judge deserves better, whatever his blemishes. [ Czech Republic criticism Otázky Václav Moravce Television ČT Události, komentáře confirmed recommendation ]

Glossary of difficult words

hatchet job - a journalistic or other treatment which portrays its subject in a very unfavorable manner; a work of criticism which aims to destroy a reputation;

to admonish - to reprove or scold, esp. in a mild and good-willed manner;

to deem - to regard or consider in a specified way;

blemish - a moral defect or fault.


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