Final Word from Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Sahra Wagenknecht made good on her promise yesterday to take steps to found a new far-left party in Germany and absconded with nine of the other 37 MPs from Die Linke to create a new BSW alliance. In doing so, she labeled the Scholz cabinet the worst German government in history. Miroslav Kalousek has been flirting with doing something similar on the nominal Right in the Czech Parliament. He has amplified his criticism of the Fiala cabinet to the point of telling Jaromír Soukup of TV Barrandov last Thur. that he has lost hope that the budget will ever be fixed by this government. He keeps repeating that if there's demand for a more-responsible party, someone will eventually fill it, but he chided Soukup to drop it when Soukup said for the umpteenth time that Kalousek could be the one to do it. Why doesn't Kalousek have Wagenknecht's drive? Perhaps because, as ex-KDU-ČSL Chair Jiří Čunek indicated recently, Kalousek doesn't do anything unless he knows how to make money on it. [ Czech Republic TOP 09 Olaf ]

Glossary of difficult words

to make good on - to keep or fulfill (a promise or claim);

to abscond - to leave or escape without permission;

to amplify - to increase in volume;

to chide - to scold or rebuke;

umpteenth - used to emphasize that something has happened on many other occasions.


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