Final Word from Monday, November 13, 2023

PM Petr Fiala said at a pro-Israeli demonstration in Prague on Nov. 1 that he told Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv that his country has the CR's "full support" and that the CR will be the "voice of Israel in Europe." Fiala hasn't said anything so far that goes against this, but the CR voted differently from Israel on Thur. on five resolutions in the UN's Special Political and Decolonization Committee, including one that would "condemn settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory." This was the work of Foreign Min. Jan Lipavský of the Pirates, who never declared that the CR would be the "voice of Israel in Europe." The government's policy statement merely says that "it will develop [its] traditional strategic partnerships with Israel, esp. in the areas of security, science, research and innovation." The new defense strategy doesn't mention Israel at all. The coalition needs to make its policy on Israel perfectly clear before this becomes a major issue, both domestically and internationally. [ Czech Republic United Nations U.N. Fourth Committee ]

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