Final Word from Tuesday, November 14, 2023

No mention was made of the Beneš Decrees, according to Czech TV, when Culture Min. Da­niel Herman of KDU-ČSL became the first Czech minister in May 2016 to speak at the Sudeten German Day. Herman is now on the board of the Czech-Liechtenstein Society and is an honorary consul of the Principality of Liechtenstein. He's lobbying on behalf of a settlement offer from the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation to end all property disputes with the CR, but he told Czech Radio that it has nothing to do with repealing the Beneš Decrees. According to the Foundation, Czech Pres. Petr Pavel has repeatedly said he welcomes an out-of-court accord. Pavel has since stated that he has no intention of interfering with the cabinet's decision-making process, but he did just that by submitting the proposal. Miloš Zeman won the presidency for the first time in part by unfairly accusing Karel Schwarzenberg of talking like a Sudeten German. Herman and Pavel are talking - and acting - like Liechtensteins. [ Czech Republic Television ČT Bavaria agreement ]

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to repeal - to evoke or annul (a law or an act of a legislative body).

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