Final Word from Tuesday, November 28, 2023

ODS dropped below SPD in the latest STEM poll for CNN Prima News and is now at just 11.6%, which is about one-third of ANO's 33.2% rating for the next parliamentary elections. Southern Bohemian Gov. Martin Kuba is stepping up the pressure on PM and ODS Chair Petr Fiala to set a new course. The ruling coalition must find a new raison d'être based on more than merely keeping Andrej Babiš out of power, Kuba told MFD. Babiš used yesterday's strike to step up the pressure on the entire five-party government to resign and especially to criticize Fiala for failing to communicate with union and business leaders. At the same time, ex-Finance Min. Miroslav Kalousek has thrown sand in the coalition's gears by essentially giving TOP 09 an ultimatum to place him on Spolu's candidate list for next year's EU elections or face losing some of its MPs to a new party. Things are moving quickly. Under certain conditions one of these three - Kuba, Babiš, Kalousek - could soon be sitting in Fiala's seat. [ Czech Republic European Union Together ]

Glossary of difficult words

raison d'être - reason for being; the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence;

to throw sand in the gears - to cause problems or prevent something from happening as it should.


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