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When Tereza Bisová was elected to the board of PDZ credit union on March 2, 2006, Bison & Rose public-relations agency was one of its members, and Bisová signed the attendance sheet for the members' meeting in its name. She's the niece of founder Jiří Bis of the PR agency and was on the board of the credit union until the end of 2017. She served as the chairwoman for most of her last six years there, which indicates that PDZ was a Bison & Rose vehicle. The other founder of the PR agency, Miloš Růžička, is a close adviser to PM Petr Fiala and previously worked for Milan Chovanec of ČSSD. Since it was revealed by Janek Kroupa of Seznam Zprávy that Fiala was also a member of the credit union for five years, there have been numerous reports about intelligence-agency involvement at PDZ, close ties to parts of ODS and even a related contract killing. What no one has explained is why Fiala - or whoever writes his social-media posts - volunteered the information on Jan. 22 that he put his money into PDZ on Růžička's recommendation. Instead of distancing himself from the shady dealings around PDZ, Fiala drew himself in even deeper. [ Czech Republic Podnikatelská družstevní záložna ÚZSI Úřad pro zahraniční styky a informace ]

Glossary of difficult words

vehicle - a privately controlled company through which an individual or organization conducts a particular kind of business, esp. investment;

shady - of doubtful honesty or legality;

to draw in - to make someone become involved in a difficult or unpleasant situation.


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