Final Word from Monday, February 26, 2024

NBC Nightly News of the U.S. reported from Kyiv on Sat. that many people there don't understand why the U.S. seems to have lost interest in the country. Aid is being held up in Congress, NBC said, and Vladimir Putin's troops appear to be gaining the upper hand. The Prague ambassadors of three Nato countries used articles in the Czech press last week to mark the two-year anniversary of the war. UK Amb. Matt Field wrote in MFD that now is the time to increase our support so that Ukraine not only wins, but also emerges as a strong, sovereign and free country. German Amb. Andreas Künne and Lithuanian Amb. Laimonas Talat-Kelpša wrote in LN that Ukraine's democratic allies are giving Kyiv "full diplomatic, military, political, economic and financial support" but added that it is "absolutely indisputable that American assistance is essential." At stake, they said, is the future of our own homes, our loved ones and our freedom to say, think and do what we want. "Let us not wait to realize this until the Russian bombs start falling on our heads," they said. Shouldn't they be telling this mainly to their U.S. colleagues? [ Czech Republic United States Joe Biden United Kingdom Lidové noviny MF Dnes Germany Lithuania ]

Glossary of difficult words

to have the upper hand - to have the advantage over someone or something;

to emerge - to recover from or survive a difficult situation;

indisputable - unable to be challenged or denied.


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