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This afternoon's special session of Parliament will concentrate on the "security threat" posed by ex-PM Andrej Babiš and other members of ANO. The impetus was an email about Foreign Min. Jan Lipavský sent by Babiš to his staff, but since then the Czech National Bank has started proceedings to revoke the license of PDZ credit union, where advisers to PM Petr Fiala were stashing their cash. Investigative reporter Jaroslav Kmenta provides details in the latest issue of Reportér magazine. For example, one current adviser to Fiala, Ivan Netuka, sent Kč 2m on Aug. 29, 2022, to another current adviser of Fiala's, Miloš Růžička. When the police asked Netuka for details of offshore companies related to the state-owned IKEM clinic, he exercised his right to remain silent. Kmenta concluded that Netuka is very important for Fiala and ODS and is being protected. In politics, the magnitude of a security risk is determined by its proximity to the center of power. Babiš is in the opposition; Fiala is the PM. [ Czech Republic Bison & Rose Podnikatelská družstevní záložna CNB central bank banking took the fifth legal incriminate ]

Glossary of difficult words

impetus - something that makes a process or activity happen or happen more quickly;

to stash - to store (something) safely in a hidden or secret place;

magnitude - the great size or extent of something;

proximity - nearness in space, time or relationship.

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