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Yuri Shvets, the ex-KGB officer who reported that Pres. Petr Pavel had no role at all in tracking down ammunition for Ukraine, started his YouTube analysis on Mon. with what he called an exclusive: Three of the "fighters on the invisible front" who have been "mining the vast expanses of the globe" for officially unknown stockpiles of shells for Ukraine were apparently poisoned and have been in a coma for three weeks in Poland. A fourth Pole, Shvets said, had a heart attack after being tapped on the shoulder by a man speaking Russian. And a fifth person involved got pushed gently at an airport in the Emirates and had a heart attack or a stroke an hour later. There's obviously a manhunt by the Russian security services for those connected to the Czech ammunition project, Shvets said. It's customary in the secret world, he added, for every forceful action to evoke a counteraction. From this standpoint, it's probably good that Pres. Petr Pavel had "no role at all" in tracking down the ammunition. [ Czech Republic spies espionage agent Schvets Юрий Швец ]

Glossary of difficult words

to tap - to strike with a quick, light blow or blows;

secret world - world of intelligence agencies and spies;

to evoke - to elicit (a response).


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