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Industry Min. Jozef Síkela (STAN) told TV Nova on Sun. that the CR's future energy mix will be based primarily on nuclear power as the stable source and renewable energy as the cheapest source. Yet as ex-CEO Jaroslav Míl of ČEZ pointed out on Seznam Zprávy, the EU notification for the Dukovany enlargement bows to Germany and sets the "entirely absurd" requirement that the new reactor not displace electricity generation from renewable-energy sources, which Míl said shows how priority is being given to the use by Czechs of excess subsidized wind and photovoltaic power from Germany. The unintended result of the EU Commission's decision, Míl said, is basically the cancellation of efforts to build four new large nuclear reactors. German Amb. Andreas Künne lamented to LN in Dec. that nuclear power is an existential issue for his country but isn't one of the EU issues that require unanimous approval. Berlin, it seems, has now found a roundabout way to exercise a nuclear veto. [ Czech Republic give up European Union Lidové noviny decision-making powers reform solar ]

Glossary of difficult words

coveted - greatly desired;

to bow to - to do what someone else wants you to do, usually unwillingly;

to displace - to take over the place, position or role of;

to lament - to express regret or disappointment about something;

roundabout - not following a short direct route; circuitous.

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