Final Word from Thursday, May 23, 2024

PM Petr Fiala told Respekt on Wed. of last week that anyone who questions that a Ukrainian victory is the only way to reach a durable peace in Ukraine is serving Russian interests. Fiala apparently said this before having the chance to hear Pres. Petr Pavel tell Sky News that we need to stop the war and to start negotiations about the future arrangement. Despite Pavel's subsequent clarification on X, a discrepancy remains between his more-pragmatic approach to the war and Fiala's stated conviction that Ukraine must get back all its territory. Pavel's comments on Sky News could even be deemed to be at odds with the security resolution passed by the lower chamber of Parliament on March 19. The ruling coalition now plans to appoint Col. Otakar Foltýn, who is deputy director of the Castle's defense office, to coordinate the cabinet's strategic communications. Perhaps Foltýn will also be able to liaise with the Castle as a way to arrive at a consistent message about the Czech position on ending the war. [ Czech Republic end negotiate ]

Glossary of difficult words

durable - long-lasting; able to withstand wear, pressure or damage;

discrepancy - an illogical or surprising lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts;

to be deemed - to be regarded or considered;

to be at odds - to be in conflict or at variance;

to liaise - to cooperate on a matter of mutual concern.

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