Final Word from Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The CR officially recognizes Palestine but says it doesn't.... It's a member of the International Court of Justice but questions its legitimacy.... It prides itself on helping the opposition in Russia but doesn't have an ambassador there to handle the details.... It talks of expelling the Russian ambassador but extended his visa.... It expects Russia to attack Europe if it wins in Ukraine but froze army salaries so it could put a down payment on pie-in-the-sky fighters.... It wants Ukraine to be able to start striking military targets in Russia but doesn't have the air defense of its own to deal with the fallout.... It needs Ukrainian men to build houses, roads and bridges but wants to send the builders home to war.... It negotiated an EU migration pact that it didn't vote for. While addressing military command in Feb. of last year, Defense Min. Jana Černochová of ODS criticized the "all azimuths" foreign policy of previous Czech governments. The Fiala government replaced it with a foreign policy that's all over the place. [ Czech Republic draft conscription construction ICC Volodymyr Zelensky amb. F-35 Petr army ]

Glossary of difficult words

all azimuths - a foreign policy based on being able to strike or negotiate in all directions;

all over the place - disorganized or confused; changing a lot without reason;

pie in the sky - used to describe or refer to something that is pleasant to contemplate but is unlikely to be realized;

fallout - the adverse results of a situation or action.

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