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All it took in the eyes of the international media for Andrej Babiš to go from being a centrist to joining the far right was to launch the new EU political group "Patriots for Europe" on Sun. with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán and Chair Herbert Kickl of FPÖ of Austria. They wrote in their Patriotic Manifesto for a European Future that, "The political fault line today no longer runs between conservatives and liberals or between Right and Left, but between Centralists who herald a new European 'superstate' and Patriots and Sovereigntists who fight to preserve and strengthen the Europe of Nations we cherish." But the international media don't want the public to start talking about Centralists and Patriots. Too much has been invested into turning voters into Pavlov's dogs who cringe when they hear about the "far right." So Babiš was pushed to the fringe with Orbán. Notably, it came two days after Petr Fiala definitively left the Right to support a second term for Ursula von der Leyen as head of the EU Commission. [ Czech Republic European Union Parliament ]

Glossary of difficult words

fault line - a divisive issue or difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences; a line on a rock surface or the ground that traces a geological fault;

to herald - to usher in; to be a sign that (something) is about to happen;

to cherish - to hold (something) dear;

to cringe - to experience an inward shiver of embarrassment or disgust;

fringe/fringes - the outer, marginal or extreme part of an area, group or sphere of activity.

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