Final Word from Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The media play an important supporting role in the mismanaged decline of the West. The Economist, one of the most influential global media players, wrote in its latest edition that Joe Biden should drop out of the presidential race. "Why Biden must withdraw" is the title of its editorial on its website, while one of its print editions used the title, "No way to run a country." Most of the mainstream media are now saying similar things. Yet until recently they were pretending that Biden was fit to run. The Economist itself said on Jan. 4 that Democratic leaders had been "cowardly and complacent" for not replacing Biden but that it would be better to focus on electing him than to face the chaos of choosing a new candidate. More than half a year later, The Economist is now insisting that the Democrats undergo this chaos. That's how the media work. While it's still possible to avoid chaos or crisis, they support the status quo. Once chaos or crisis is unavoidable, they wash their hands of any responsibility. [ Czech Republic newspaper magazine ]

Glossary of difficult words

complacent - marked by self-satisfaction, esp. when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies; feeling so satisfied with one's own abilities or situation that one does not feel the need to try harder;

status quo - the existing state of affairs, esp. regarding social or political issues;

to wash one's hands of - disclaim responsibility for.

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