Final Word from Friday, July 8, 2011

Apple's gadgets might be conquering the world, but users of Apple computers arestill second-rate citizens at Telefónica O2 CR. An Apple user who wants a mobileinternet connection for a laptop is lured in by the sales rep with the promise thatApple is fully supported. After signing up, though, the user learns that there isn't anApple driver for the USB modem, despite what the web page claims. A call back tothe sales rep gets the usual brush-off: "Call technical support." The customer's frustrationculminates when tech support states brusquely that O2's official policy is notto support Apple. Urgh. So why do you advertise Apple-compatibility on your webpage, and why does the sales rep swear to it too? Presumably it's all part of livingup to O2's role as the worst company in the CR. Frustrated users can only hope thatrecurring rumors of the possible sale by Telefónica of its non-Latin assets are true.

Glossary of difficult words

distaste - mild dislike or aversion;

to lure someone - to temp someone to do something or to go somewhere, esp. by offering some form of reward;

rep - representative;

brush-off - a rejection of dismissal in which someone is treated as unimportant;

to culminate - to reach a climax or point of highest development;

brusque - abrupt or offhand in speech or manner;

urgh - an expression of annoyance or displeasure;

recurring - periodic, repeated.


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