Final Word from Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miloš Zeman wasn't lying when he told LN that the television and radio debates will be the deciding factor in the second round of the presidential election. Zeman was lying when he said during one of those debates that it was not his government that privatized the MUS coal mines. There is a direct correlation between the former truth and the latter lie. Zeman knows that the first impression is what matters most and that getting the desired message out to the masses is far more important than any correction or gotcha from fact checkers later. The number of people who were swayed by the TV lie was far greater than the number who read the truth about MUS in MFD. Zeman told LN that he puts such great emphasis on the debates because thinking voters will decide using their own brain and not according to what they read in the foreign-owned print media. But this is another falsehood: What he really likes about TV is that it allows him to win over the most unthinking voters through his clever use of lies and half-lies.[Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg Mostecká uhelná]

Glossary of difficult words

correlation - a mutual relationship or connection between two or more things;

former ... latter - the first mentioned of two people or things .... and the second mentioned;

gotcha - short for "I have got you," used to express satisfaction at having having captured or defeating someone or uncovering a fault or mistake;

fact checker - someone who checks the accuracy of a statement or published figure;

to sway - to control or influence a person or a course of action;

falsehood - a lie; the state of being untrue;


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