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When two godfathers or mini-godfathers fight, sparks fly and mere mortals get a glimpse of the way business really works. No matter if it is Tykač vs. Roman, Dospiva vs. Kellner, Bárta vs. Babiš, Pokorný vs. Muzikář, Savov vs. Bakala, Komárek vs. Beran, Komárek vs. Světlík or Komárek vs. Komárek, something always slips out. This time it is Vítek vs. Komárek, and the dirt being stirred up is about the NKÚ Supreme Audit Office. Radovan Vítek's CPI Group accused the NKÚ of participating in a huge tunnel job by planning to buy Sazka's old headquarters from Karel Komárek of KKCG. CPI isn't a disinterested party (it wants the NKÚ to remain in its Tokovo building), but the comparative figures it released certainly give reason for pause. The obvious question is this: If the NKÚ is itself involved in a huge tunnel job with a top-tier godfather, how can it be trusted to conduct audits of other people's tunnels?[Czech Republic Pavel Martin Marek Petr Vít Andrej Radek Karel František Zdeněk Jan Czech Property Investments Czech Coal ČEZ PPF Penta Mladá fronta BXR Weil Gotshal Manges Wagner]

Glossary of difficult words

glimpse - a momentary or partial view;

to tunnel - a Czech term meaning to strip assets or steal money from the government;

disinterested - not influenced by considerations of personal advantage; unbiased or neutral;

reason for pause - reason to think carefully about something.

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