Final Word from Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Spokesman Lukáš Kropík of Česká spořitelna told E15 that the end of the EET online sales-reporting system has had little impact on the cancellation of contracts for payment-card terminals in the hospitality sector and that the main reasons given for such decisions are that the businesses are shutting down entirely due to higher energy and other costs. A small business typically pays 1-2% of sales to accept payment cards, according to the Banking Association, and Luboš Kastner of the AMSP association of SMEs and the Czech Chamber of Commerce told Blesk that if a business has a problem with the bank fee, it probably shouldn't really be in business or in the field it's in. During covid, Kastner was a big supporter of fair treatment of small businesses; now he's using the arguments of big business to try to thin out the competition. The Czech media should perhaps start giving more time to small retailers who are struggling to survive instead of just listening to the successful and vocal ones. [ Czech Republic restaurants bars food beverage services ]

Glossary of difficult words

hospitality sector/industry - a broad category of fields within the service industry that include lodging, food and beverage services, event planning, theme parks, travel agencies, tourism, hotels, restaurants and bars;

to thin out - to decrease or cause to decrease in size,

extent or range; vocal - expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly.

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